The Bigger Picture

Online interactive for world press photos

All around the globe the most bizarre stories and photos are being made, reflecting situations that most of us would avoid being part of. Recently we met the people behind these visual works, and we learned about the richness of photojournalism. Indeed, photos tell stories that are so complex that the viewer needs more explanation: What happened? Who is behind this? And why?

What is the bigger picture?

It was November 2016 when we first spoke with World Press Photo, the renown Dutch photojournalism non-profit organization. I remember looking at a photo of a Syrian refugee handing over a child over barb wire across the border. This photo and many others published by World Press Photo stimulate you to ask questions about what is really happening in our world.

We started working on a concept to not only show incredible photographs, but also explain the story behind it – simultaneously and intuitively. The technical challenge was to keep the photo intact and fully in focus.

We developed the idea of an additional layer on top of the photo. This layer would provide data and tell parts of the story depending on what part of the picture you’re looking at. This is “The Bigger Picture”.

Background stories

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