Scanner Edge

Detecting human presence in realtime.

ScannerEdge is the world's first field deployable radio-frequency scanner with LoRaWAN/ Satellite and Bluetooth connectivity. The sensors can be used to detect signals from mobile phones, satellite-phones and other forms of RF-communication devices. It detects signals up to a 3km radius making it a perfect tool for detecting illegal human activities in remote areas. The device features rechargeable batteries coupled with a small solar panel which will re-charge the device to run endlessly.


  • Detects mobile & satellite phones and walkie talkies up to 3km
  • Configuration over Bluetooth with smartphone app
  • GPS position tracking
  • LoRaWAN or satellite connectivity
  • Remote device monitoring
  • Fully ruggedized device suitable to withstand harsh outdoor conditions
  • Solar Powered (5-30 Volt DC)
  • Conforms to laws and regulations
  • No privacy data is collected
  • Integrated within park management tools (like EarthRanger)

Mobile phones play a pivotal role within poaching operations, facilitating communication among poaching teams and orchestrating extraction efforts. By targeting this vulnerability, ScannerEdge equips conservation authorities with the means to detect and respond to potential threats, thereby bolstering our collective efforts to combat wildlife crime.

ScannerEdge was developed in collaboration with Smart Parks. Together we aim to enhance the efficiency of protection measures within our National Parks. Through utilization of advanced

technology, we strive to safeguard the biodiversity and ecological integrity of these treasured natural habitats.


The ScannerEdge comes in two versions, one that offers LoRaWAN connectivity and one that offers satellite connectivity.

LoRaWAN connected version - €549

The standard ScannerEdge with LoRaWAN connectivity comes with two lithium batteries a small solar panel and standard enclosure.

Satellite connected version - €1149

The ScannerFree, uses the Iridium satellite network with global coverage. This version includes a larger enclosure housing six lithium batteries, RockBLOCK satellite modem and a larger solar panel. A separate subscription is needed for satellite connectivity.


Please contact us, we are happy to make a project proposal that includes all key components like hardware, training and integration with your ops-room (for instance EarthRanger).

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