100 Reporters app

An app to engage followers of NGO with running projects.

Most of the NGO we work with have a lot of supporters, but almost all of them find it harder and harder to reach and involve them. Interestingly, they all  try to engage their audience via social media platforms. Of course, social media  has a wide (potential) reach, but promoting your business merely on social media comes with a downside as well.

Social media platforms fire news at your followers at a high rate, but only selectively. Through the filters of these platforms, your news message might not be shown instantly or your followers might not even see your posts at all! A solution that some platforms offer is to that you can pay extra for your news item to be shown to your targeted group more often. But where does this end?

One of our partners, Mensen met een Missie, had a similar challenge of reaching and involving their supporters. Now, a couple of months later, we can proudly present our efforts in solving this challenge.

Meet the new 100 Reporters app!

Mensen met een Missie sends people all over the globe, helping out and supporting local communities with a broad variety of topics such as establishing peace, reconciliation, equal rights, etc. We’ve build a ‘100 Reporters app’ which focuses on bringing you unique, 360-degree photo content. The main idea is to bring you so close to the live situation that it literally feels you are there, somewhere in that remote part of our world. For sure, watching this content by itself is already extremely impressing, but there is a lot more to it.

With this app donors and everyone interested in the work of Mensen met een Missie always get all the news, stories and backgrounds of their work. If there is a new update of a team which you are following in a remote area, you’ll get an update and can immediately take a 360-degree look around!

With the 100 Reporters app we wanted to achieve the following:

  • Making sure unique content is always available to donors
  • Stay in control of when content is shown to donors and notify them
  • Reduce costs of getting important updates to donors by avoiding boosting posts on socials platforms
  • Provide an environment/ feeling in the app that resonates with your audience
  • Provide history. Donors can enjoy the content on times when they feel like it, it will be available, always.

"With the 100 reporters app, we have created a new and innovative communication channel that helps us bond with our audience. We aim to not only show people the impact of our work, but also to let them experience it. Hopefully this inspires many people!"

- Andrea - product owner

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